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1Heart3Beats is a nonprofit youth empowerment organization with a focus on integrating maturing youths from low socioeconomic backgrounds into the economic system. We do this by providing educational interactive workshops open to teens, fosters homes and youth groups in Pinellas County.


We are faith based and believe without conscious effort to uplift and support youths within this category, it would be difficult for them to successfully transition from a life of dependence to independence.


1Heart3Beats is dedicated to nurturing and developing young leaders to enter into the adult world prepared for life and ready to serve!


Greetings Everyone!


Welcome and thank you for visiting our online home. I hope you’ve had the opportunity to explore and learn a little more about 1Heart3Beats!To become better acquainted with you, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.


My name is Whitney, I’m a native of St. Petersburg Florida and a die-hard fan of glitter and super heroes. I discovered what I believe to be my purpose about10 years ago as a mentor for Polk County Schools . I was blessed to meet a young lady who later became my super hero! She taught me a lot about myself and also opened my eyes to the major need of mentorship, education and personal develop for youth, in particular young girls, in our communities.


Upon returning to Pinellas County, I began working in foster homes and soon discovered although there are many dedicated staff committed to serving these youth there was still a need for help from our communities. I also noticed many struggled in the same areas as many of the youth I worked with in Polk County. This discovery led to the birth of 1Heart3Beats.


As you may have learned earlier 1Heart3Beats started as a community initiative with ourFirst Annual Love Drive, which benefited foster homes in Pinellas County. We later became a 501c3 developing and hosting various workshops throughout Pinellas County in attempt to combat the cycles of hurt, neglect, and poverty among youth in our communities. We also developed the The Heart Ambassador Program to promote leadership development.


Our goal without all the fancy words is to help teenage girls transition into adulthood through three simple pillars: Mentorship, Personal Enrichment and Key Educational Factors. Our pillars are the three avenues we believe Jesus has told us to make a difference(3 Beats) and our heart is simply the heart of Jesus(1 Heart).


I believe through intentional, well planned, and heart felt workshops we will begin to see a difference in the lives of the youth we serve.I hope you’ve learned a little bit about me and MORE importantly the heart behind 1Heart3Beats. Feel free to continue to explore our online home or reach out to me personally if you’re interested in learning more!


From My Heart, to Yours!

Whitney Griffin




1Heart3Beats was founded in 2015 although the idea was conceived and has been nurtured since 2012. 1Heart3Beats launched with theFirst Annual Love Drive; created to provide toiletries, flowers and items of love to foster homes in Pinellas County on Valentines Day. The next year we co founded Fall Into Success; a back to school youth empowerment program and essay contest, which eventually led to implementation of monthly educational workshops after the need, was identified. Additionally 1Heart3Beats has participated in sponsorship of several youth empowerment events throughout the Tampa Bay area.


We have made it a point of duty to ensure these youths inculcate healthy lifestyle by inspiring them to be leaders, entrepreneurs, and educationists, encouraging them not to give up on their individual mission to greatness. We achieve this by facilitating creative and interactive workshops with a focus on mentorship, personal enrichment, and key educational factors.


With this, we can ensure they inculcate positive oriented behavioral patterns thereby socializing them to become constructive and functional members of society. 1Heart3Beats workshops are held monthly and are open to teenage girls, youth groups, and foster homes throughout Pinellas County. Our monthly workshops are designed to follow the PCS (Pinellas County Schools) School Calendar and are held during breaks, no school days and weekends, launching in August and ending in May.​

We believe all  teenage women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

 To help maturing youth through the process of transitioning from dependence to independence by providing mentorship, personal enrichment, and key educational factors.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Breaking the Cycle to see young teenage women restored and made whole through empowerment and purpose. We hope to effect the lives of over 100 young women in Pinellas County. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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